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  • B.L.A.S.T. Enrichment Program (over 50 courses each year) – Students attend school more often when enrolled in B.L.A.S.T.
  • Junior High Club – 75% of students improve or maintain reading or math grades.
  • High School Homework Club – Youth improve grades as they progress toward graduation.   
  • Work-study Program – Students gain assistance with job skills and placement.
  • Out of School Programming – Affordable low cost programming to over 100 youth in our community

Thank you

Your donation is important to our continued programming. We improve grades, attendance, and behavior by offering engaging and productive programming at the elementary, jr. high, and high school levels. 

We are changing the community one child at a time.

Chad Hoffman, Executive Director


The Mahomet Area Youth Club was established in 1994 as a satellite unit of the Don Moyers Boys and Girls Club. As a result of financial constraints in 2003, the Mahomet branch was slated for closure. Concerned about serving the youth of the community, a group of dedicated individuals, community leaders, and school administrators set a goal to keep the doors open. A new organization was formed and the Mahomet Area Youth Club was officially recognized as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

In 2013 MAYC was looking for ways to increase their membership and create quality after-school programming. At the same time the Mahomet- Seymour School District was looking for ways to reintroduce enrichment opportunities after budget cuts had limited enrichment during the school day. School administration, MAYC board members, and district parents put their heads together to create after-school enrichment classes that would fulfill both needs. After researching other school districts after-school programming, B.L.A.S.T. was created to best fit the needs of our students and families, offering enrichment opportunities to students regardless of their economic or academic standing. B.L.A.S.T. has been eagerly welcomed by students and parents in our community! Funding for this program is provided by MAYC.

In 2017, MAYC relocated the clubhouse to 700 W. Main Street in Mahomet, so youth in the Out of School Programs would have access to better programming, more space, and a safer environment. Community and business support was fundamental in helping the club relocate. The new facility and a renewed focus on programming led to a record number of youth attending the club.

The club now serves over 1,000 students per year and positively impacts the quality of life throughout the community. Like its humble beginnings, Mahomet Area Youth Club continues to be a community supported youth development program, dedicated to serving children between the ages of 6-18, who reside in Mahomet and the surrounding areas.