Volunteer Expectations

What we expect from volunteers:

  • To become familiar with the mission of MAYC and the goals of the program
  • To be a good representation of MAYC while volunteering
  • To adhere to rules similar to those found in a workplace
  • To be reliable when scheduled to volunteer
  • Work with MAYC staff to find opportunities that match your skills and interests
  • To take initiative and be a positive role-model to members
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
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Let us know of any skills you may have. (i.e. music teacher, crafting, landscaping)

What you can expect from MAYC:

  •  Respect and consideration for you as a valuable member of MAYC
  • Help in becoming familiar with policies, rules, staff, and youth
  • To help you find tasks that closely match your skills and interests
  • To provide feedback, opportunities, encouragement, and recommendations
  • To be flexible with your schedule

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer at MAYC, please contact us!

Possible volunteer activities include:

Youth Specialist

  • Interact with children
  • Help with crafts, games, and activities
  • Attend field trips
  • Mentor youth and model appropriate behavior
  • Assist with snack and meal-time
  • Have fun with kids!

Do you have a specific talent that you’d like to share with members?

Do you want to run a community service, or one-time project with our members?

Let us know at info@mahometyouth.org!