Boot Scootin' Auction

We had a great time!

Thank you to everyone who attended & donated. Your support makes a difference to our local youth.

The Boot Scootin’ Auction is the club’s largest single fundraiser. Money raised from this event will go directly to our programming to help youth including:

  • Providing over 300 scholarships for BLAST, Kid’s Club, and Out of School Programming.
  • Sponsoring a free after-school program at the jr. high.
  • Supporting a vocational jobs program at the high school.
  • Funding Bulldog Makers at the high school to give students hands on training with technology, assembly, and shop equipment.
  • Sharing our facilities on school days with ATLAS.
  • Hosting all-day programming at our clubhouse during summer, winter, and spring break.

Impact on MAYC

The Boot Scootin’ Auction raises money to provide scholarship for low income students, so they can participate in out of school and after school programs. Funds from the auction will help:

  • Provide area youth a safe and nurturing environment of enjoyment and challenge
  • Teach respect for cultural and economic differences 
  • Train area youth in the responsibility and privilege of service to others and to the community
  • Provide leadership training for area youth, staff and club supporters
  • Support the family unit with a value based and inclusive program
  • Provide full club program services to all community youth with the full extent of club resources

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